Core and Cardio

If you’ve always wanted a flat stomach, 6-pack abs or just a stronger core, this is the class for you. It combines high-energy music with a core-sculpting routine to give you a toned midsection. Get me some abs!

Walk & Tone*

Amp up your lunchtime walk by walking with a trainer. We add light toning exercises for arms, shoulders and hips in this low-sweat, easy workout. Walk with me!

*Walk & Tone occurring during April – October Only

Strength & Tone*

Become stronger, leaner, and more tone in this fun 45 minute strength training class.

Body Rehab

Class particularly designed to work in the prevention of injuries, strengthening and elasticizing the most susceptible joints of our body. The class is performed using rehab exercises and stretches.

Body Sculpt

Get stronger with this light weight, strength training, and cardio class.

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