Restorative Yoga

Designed to be restorative and stress relieving. It can improve your flexibility and help you sleep better.

Stretch and Strength Yoga

Here we will target specific areas to build strength, increase flexibility and improve your overall fitness. Special focus is given to alignment and proper from in the poses. Great for beginners!

Vinyasa Flow

Challenging yoga workout that links breath with movement to create a dynamic flow of postures. This class will move quickly and is best suited for those with a strong yoga practice.


Monday        10:00 am: Strength and Stretch Yoga
Wednesday   10:00 am: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Thursday       6:00 pm: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Sunday          6:00 pm: Restorative Yin Yoga


Member Non-Member
Drop-in $15 $20
5-Class Pass $70 ($14/class) $80 ($16/class)
10-Class Pass $130 ($13/class) $150 ($15/class)
20-Class Pass $240 ($12/class) $280 ($14/class)

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Women practicing yoga in a class
Women practicing yoga in a class