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“Better Living Personal Trainer Ann Arbor offers a wide variety of intelligent, affordable options to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Join us to achieve — and maintain — your best body ever!”

Whether you’re looking for Ann Arbor personal trainer, nutrition counseling, or group fitness classes to improve your strength, cardio training, or yoga flexibility, our certified, experienced personal training professionals are here to help you realize your health and fitness goals.

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I’ve been training with Better Living Ann Arbor Personal Trainer for over two years, and attending Full Body Fitness classes classes since January. I’ve never been in better shape! My body is thinner and stronger than ever – not only that, but I’ve achieved these results without injuries because Mark and his team know what they’re doing.

Better yet, training with Better Living has helped me heal from repeated injuries to my knees. I can get up from the floor without help, and can even do exercises like squats that used to be impossible for me.

– Better Living Personal Trainer client Dawn Weirauch

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Strong, Fit, Flexible: Better Living’s Personal Trainer Ann Arbor Guide to a Better Body is the smart, step-by-step approach to achieving your best body ever.

Better Living Fitness founder and author Mark Thiesmeyer, MS, MPH uses easy-to-follow descriptions and illustrations to guide you in the right way to build strength and flexibility without injury through the use of proper form.

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Personal Trainer Ann ArborPersonal Trainer Ann Arbor is helping me stay healthy and fit with challenging routines that are also lots of fun!

– Better Living client Al