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“Better Living strives to help you find your maximum energy and vitality through effective exercise, appropriate nutrition, and nurturing of the spirit and mind..”

Each of our Ann Arbor personal trainers is certified in fitness-related fields. We employ researched techniques in strength, flexibility, and weight loss in the setting of personal training, fitness classes, cardio, yoga, and boot camps. Get more info about Better Living Fitness membership and click here to sign up for classes

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Pounds Lost For Our Clients
Are so impressed with their results
they train with us for multiple months!

Why do people struggle so much with their weight, appearance, and health?

Because they don’t understand the science behind nutrition and exercise.

We are the only company around that offers BOTH exercise from certified personal trainers AND nutrition coaching from registered dietitians. Personal Trainer Ann Arbor teaches clients how to use food to their advantage and how to make every minute of their time in the gym race them toward their fitness goals

Better Living Personal Trainers and Dietitians deliver the best personal training, fitness classes, and boot camps around. We get our clients to their fitness goals and then help them set new goals. We use a proven approach to strengthen, tone and stretch our clients that helps them feel great and get fit without getting injured.

We Make Having The Fit Energized Body You Want Simple

#1: Schedule


Put it on your calendar. Research show that you’ll be more successful if you are meeting a certified personal trainer to exercise: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

#2: Follow


Follow our carefully-crafted routine customized to your goals, body and needs.

#3: Have


Within no time flat you’ll start to see and have the body you’ve always wanted combined with being more energized to do and enjoy all the things you want in life.

Better Living Fitness Guide Available Now!

Finally a book that shows me everything I need to do to get my body looking great!


Strong, Fit, Flexible: Better Living’s Guide to a Better Body will help you build strong, supple muscles as a means of improving balance and reducing the pain and discomfort of muscle/joint aches.

With a focus on both strength training and flexibility, Strong, Fit, Flexible shows you how to exercise smarter to obtain better results by demonstrating proper form. Regardless of your physical condition or how much experience you have, you will unlock your potential by doing it right!

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Ann Arbor Personal TrainingBetter living in Ann Arbor Michigan has outstanding people and programs to assist clients of all ages and fitness achieve their goals through exercise and nutrition. They are helping me stay healthy and fit with challenging routines that are also lots of fun.


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Make one small change to your diet each week and you will see fantastic results!


Visit Better Living News Bites for more valuable tips or to subscribe to our feed.