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Whether you’re looking for an Ann Arbor personal trainer, nutrition counseling, or group fitness classes to improve your strength, cardio training, or yoga flexibility, our certified, experienced personal training professionals are here to help you realize your health and fitness goals.

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Top 3 reasons why Better Living Fitness is the The Best of Ann Arbor Gyms.
1. We are the cleanest of gyms in Ann Arbor.
2. We have the lowest instructor to student ratio of yoga Ann Arbor classes.
3. Are you looking for an Ann Arbor personal trainer to get you to your goals? We have a track record of success since 1999.

3 Reasons to do a Free Consultation:
1. Unique muscle testing assessment only found at Better Living.
2. Body fat analysis to give you a baseline number.
3. Discuss your goals and limitations before your personalized workout is created with two of your Ann Arbor Personal Trainers.

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“Strong, Fit, Flexible” is a book written for members and clients of Better Living. Some fitness guides focus on strength training, while others wok on flexibility. This book offers a balance of the two techniques. Our goal? To help build strong, supple muscles as a means of improving balance and eliminating (or at least reducing) the pain and discomfort of muscle/joint aches.

While this guide is NOT intended to replace personal training, it provides documentation of our expertise. Your training sessions are further customized to your body, to catch form mistakes, and challenge you with gentle nudges to go further.

Doing the exercises in the book “Strong, Fit, Flexible” will help train your muscles to become stronger and more balanced you.

Better Living offers the best personal trainers in Ann Arbor. Our certified personal trainers have degrees in fitness and years of experience helping with weight loss, strength training, posture, balance and yoga. You can find a spectrum across Ann Arbor gyms, but Better Living Fitness offers the right equipment, the cleanest fitness center, the best of Ann Arbor personal trainers, and the most-attentive Ann Arbor yoga instructors. Whether you are searching for personal trainer Ann Arbor or Yoga Ann Arbor, we hope you will choose to do a free fitness consultation with us. Give us the chance to show you what hundreds of other Ann Arborites have already discovered. Better Living is your home for Ann Arbor fitness.